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Ship Indian Ocean came 1854 to Portland
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Indian Ocean

1080 tons, John Pollock, master, a voyage of 90 days., she sailed from Liverpool 8 July and arrived on Sat 7 Oct 1854 at Portland Bay, Victoria.

The vessel carried 420 Immigrants consisting of 224 married couples, 12 young men, 38 single women, 48 boys and 98 girls. Most of the immigrants were from the Lowlands of Scotland with some from Ireland, and England.

The Surgeon/Superintendant Dr J G Winstone reported that during the passage of 90 days there were thirteen deaths and ten births on board!

On Thurs 19 Oct the Portland Guardian reported that on 16 Oct the Duke of Wellington, schooner, 100 tons, Davis master, sailed for Port Fairy with part of the immigrants per Indian Ocean
Families blue, single men lime, single women coral.

On Thurs 26 Oct the Portland Guardian reported that the Indian Ocean, ship, 1080 tons, Pollock master, sailed on 23 October, for Akyab, in ballast
Akyab now called Sittwe is the capital of Burma. In 1826, after the First Anglo-Burmese War, the British transferred the seat of government to Sittwe on the seacoast. During the first 40 years of British rule it increased from a village to a town of 15,536 inhabitants, and by 1901 it was the third port of Burma with a population of 31,687.
The Listed names

John Alexander aged 29, with Mary Alexander aged 29, Margt Alexander aged 1 and Helen Anderson aged 1
James Andison aged 20 with Isabella Andison aged 20, baby Helen born and died at Sea
Alexander Baird aged 28, with Janet Baird aged 25, Alexander Baird aged 2 and Elizh Baird aged 0
George Baldie aged 25, with Elizabeth Baldie aged 22 and —- Infant With Baldie aged 0
William Beckett aged 26, with Elizh Beckett aged 24
John Bell aged 20 , with Anne Bell aged 19
David Black aged 23, with Janet Black aged 21 and Janet Black aged 0
Betsey Black aged 20
James Brooks aged 31, with Elizabeth Brooks aged 32 , Mary Brooks aged 3 and John Brooks aged 0
William Brown aged 27, with Elizh Brown aged 20 and Anne Brown aged 0
David Brown aged 41, with Elizabeth Brown aged 43, Margery Brown aged 19, Helen Brown aged 18, Anne Brown aged 16, Cathe Brown aged 10 and Robert Brown aged 4
William Cathels aged 28, with Elizabeth Cathels aged 28, William Cathels aged 4 and Susan Cathels aged 1
David Chrichton aged 33, with Mary Chrichton aged 35, Catherine Chrichton aged 10, Isabella Chrichton aged 7, Alexr Chrichton aged 4 and James Chrichton aged 2
Robert Conn aged 26, with Jane Conn aged 26, John Conn aged 3, Grace Conn aged 0
Peter Cram aged 22, with Mary Cram aged 23
David Croal aged 27, with Mary Croal aged 27, Christina Croal aged 3 and Ann Croal aged 1
Alexr Cunningham aged 33, with Mary Cunningham aged 30 and Rebecca Cunningham aged 1
William Dalgleish aged 21, with Isabella Dalgleish aged 24
Christina Davidson aged 20
Harriet Diwell aged 25
Henry Dixon aged 23, with Hannah Dixon aged 23 and Esther Dixon aged 1
Henrietta Dixon aged 23
Samuel Dixon aged 22, Andrew Duncan aged 42, with Mary Duncan aged 39 , Andrew Duncan aged 16 , Isabella Duncan aged 12 and Catherine Duncan aged 7
Charles Ellis aged 22, with Mary Ellis aged 28
John Evans aged 52 , with Mary Evans aged 52, John Evans aged 24, Thomas Evans aged 20, Margt Evans aged 19, Eliza Evans aged 17, Sarah Evans aged 15, Edward Evans aged 13 and Harriet Evans aged 9
Robert Ewing aged 35, with Jennie Ewing aged 31, Margaret Ewing aged 2 and Agnes Ewing aged 1
John Farrar aged 29, with Anne Farrar aged 37, Hannah Farrar aged 6 and Joseph Farrar aged 0
Daniel Fisher aged 25, with Christian Fisher aged 22 and James Fisher aged 0
Robert Flood aged 17 and Matilda Flood aged 16
John Forsythe aged 20, with Eleanor Forsythe aged 20 and —- Infant With Forsythe aged 0
Duncan Fraser aged 30, with Margaret Fraser aged 30 and Christian Fraser aged 2
James Freestone aged 26, with Anne Freestone aged 26, William Freestone aged 4 and Rachael Freestone aged 0
Samuel Fry aged 38, with Mary Fry aged 29, Robert Fry aged 13, Elizh Fry aged 6, Mary Fry aged 3 and —- Infant With Fry aged 0
Elizh Geddes aged 25
Jane Gillanders aged 14
Richard Glossop aged 35, with Matilda Glossop aged 30
Robert Gow aged 43, with Jane Gow aged 39, Peter Gow aged 19, Hannah Gow aged 16 and Lilly Gow aged 14
James Gray aged 21, with Mary Gray aged 22
Robert Hanson aged 30
with Mary Hanson aged 29 and Agnes Hanson aged 1
John Hardie aged 23, with Isabella Hardie aged 18
David Honeymoon aged 39, with Belle Anne Honeymoon aged 35, Jane Honeymoon aged 9 and Anne Honeymoon aged 7
Mary A Hood aged 19
Edward Hunter aged 26, with Margt Hunter aged 27 , Mary Hunter aged 4 and Catherine Hunter aged 0
George Irvine aged 38, with Isabella Irvine aged 34, Thomas Irvine aged 11, Catherine Irvine aged 8, Isabella Irvine aged 5, Anne Irvine aged 3 and —- Infant With Irvine aged 0
Thomas Jeffries aged 24, with Mary Jeffries aged 25, Robert Jeffries aged 3 and Ellen Jeffries aged 1
David Johnston aged 27, with Janet Johnston aged 24 and Janet Johnston aged 0
Robert Johnston aged 25, with Lillias Johnston aged 22, Lillias Johnston aged 2 and William Johnston aged 0
Robert Jones aged 35, with Mary Jones aged 39
Thomas Laidlaw aged 43, with Janet Laidlaw aged 44, Mary Laidlaw aged 20, Thomas Laidlaw aged 12, Jane Laidlaw aged 11 and John Laidlaw aged 9
Cathe Lang aged 25
James Law aged 26, with Catherine Law aged 27 and Isabella Law aged 1
Agnes Lawrie aged 23
Helen Lawrie aged 19
Peter Liddle aged 25, with Helen Liddle aged 25 and Helen Liddle aged 4
David Lindsay aged 36, with Elizabeth Lindsay aged 30
John Lobban aged 29, with Margaret Lobban aged 34, John Lobban aged 3 and Isabella Lobban aged 0
Jessie Lobban aged 22
James Lobbin aged 24
George Mack aged 25, with Elizh Mack aged 31, Peter Mack aged 3 and Catherine Mack aged 1
Alexr Mackenzie aged 27 with Elizh Mackenzie aged 28
Thomas Mackie aged 31, with Catherine Mackie aged 32, Mary Mackie aged 7, Janet Mackie aged 3 and Catherine Mackie aged 1
John Maclaren aged 32, with Elizabeth Maclaren aged 24, Jane Maclaren aged 11, Janet Maclaren aged 7, Peter Maclaren aged 3 and John Maclaren aged 1
Alexr Malcolm aged 19, with Margt Malcolm aged 19
Alexr Manson aged 31, with Isabella Manson aged 29, Margaret Manson aged 3 and Mary Manson aged 1
David Marshall aged 48, with Catherine Marshall aged 30, Margt Marshall aged 3 and David Marshall aged 0
James Martin aged 24 , with Ellen Martin aged 29

Hugh Matheson aged 34, with Anne Matheson aged 33, Barbara Matheson aged 12, Alexander Matheson aged 10, Janet Matheson aged 6 and Anne Matheson aged 3
George Matheson aged 39 , Anne Matheson aged 25
John Matson aged 37, with Anne Matson aged 32 and Margt Matson aged 7
James Mider aged 29, with Janet Mider aged 28 and James Mider aged 4
James Mitchell aged 32, with Elizabeth Mitchell aged 35, William Mitchell aged 6 and George Mitchell aged 4
John Morris aged 39, with Sarah Morris aged 33, Jessie Morris aged 11, William Morris aged 7, Agnes Morris aged 4 and Sarah Morris aged 1
Adam Morrison aged 23, with Johanna Morrison aged 22
John Mclay aged 22, with Mary Mclay aged 37, David Mclay aged 3 and Janet Mclay aged 1
John Mclean aged 58, with Elizabeth Mclean aged 57 , Janet Mclean aged 35 , Barbara Mclean aged 32 and John Mclean aged 30
George Mclellan aged 27, with Helen Mclellan aged 29, Teresa Mclellan aged 10, George Mclellan aged 5 and Helen Mclellan aged 1
Alexr Nairn aged 27, with Mary Nairn aged 28 and Janet Nairn aged 7
William Nixon aged 31, with Catherine Nixon aged 29 and Jacob Nixon aged 2
John Oconnor aged 40, with Mary Oconnor aged 39, John Oconnor aged 13, Susan Oconnor aged 10, Margt Oconnor aged 7 and Bridget Oconnor aged 2
Patrick Oconner aged 17
Michael Oconner aged 16
Mary Oconner aged 15
Elizabeth Ogilvie aged 22
Andrew Oliver aged 29, with Johanna Oliver aged 26 and Johanna Oliver aged 0
Robert Oliver aged 26, with Betsy Oliver aged 24 and Walter Oliver aged 2
Margt Oliver aged 23, Janet Oliver aged 20
James Park aged 22, with Jane Park aged 20
William Paton aged 24, with Sarah Paton aged 23
Hugh Patton aged 37, with Anne Patton aged 36, Elizabeth Patton aged 8 and Findlay Patton aged 5
John Peebles aged 41, with Janet Peebles aged 42, Mary Peebles aged 10 and Peter Peebles aged 7
Margt Peebles aged 29
John Picken aged 27, with Mary A Picken aged 24 and William Pickin aged 1
Robert Pollock aged 27, with Margt Pollock aged 24, Elizabeth Pollock aged 4 and David Pollock aged 2
Anne Ramsay aged 22
Daniel Ramsay aged 20, with Janet Ramsay aged 20
John Reid aged 47, with Mary Reid aged 39, Hugh Reid aged 12, Donald Reid aged 10, Mary Reid aged 8, William Reid aged 6, Christian Reid aged 2 and —- Infant With Reid aged 0
James Reid aged 22, with Agnes Reid aged 22
John Richmond aged 31, with Mary Richmond aged 29
Elizh Ritchie aged 21
William Robb aged 24, with Isabella Robb aged 22 and —- Infant With Robb aged 0
Charles Robertson aged 36, with Mary A Robertson aged 33, Robert Ross aged 2 and Christian Ross aged 0
Robert Ross aged 29, with Christian Ross aged 22
Adam Rutherford aged 22 , with Isabella Rutherford aged 22
William Rutherford aged 25, with Anne Rutherford aged 20
William Scobie aged 19
with Marion Scobie aged 18
George Sedgwick aged 25, with Eliza Sedgwick aged 25 and Sarah Sedgwick aged 1
Patrick Shanahan aged 26, with Margt Shanahan aged 25
James Sharpe aged 37, with Charlotte Sharpe aged 32, Robert Sharpe aged 7 and Charlotte Sharpe aged 1
David Sinclair aged 37, with Jane Sinclair aged 34, David Sinclair aged 6 and Mary A Sinclair aged 1
Eliza Sinclair aged 29
John Smith aged 27, with Agnes Smith aged 22
William Stevenson aged 27, with Jane Stevenson aged 25, Elizabeth Stevenson aged 0
John Stewart aged 29, Angus Stewart aged 37, with Mary Stewart aged 37, Cathe Stewart aged 16, Elizh Stewart aged 14, Janet Stewart aged 12 and Anne Stewart aged 9
Elizabeth Stewart aged 31
William Stones aged 27, with Betsey Stones aged 23, Elizabeth Stones aged 2
Robert Strachan aged 34, with Isabella Strachan aged 34, Robert Strachan aged 13, David Strachan aged 12, Sarah Strachan aged 9, Isabella Strachan aged 5 and —- Infant With Strachan aged 0
Alexander Suttie aged 37, with Margt Suttie aged 33
Thomas Swinton aged 27, with Elizabeth Swinton aged 28 and Jane Swinton aged 1
William Swinton aged 24, Annie Swinton aged 20
William Tate aged 45, with Sarah Tate aged 44, John Tate aged 15, Henry Tate aged 14, Isaac Tate aged 12, George Tate aged 11, Susan Tate aged 10, Martha Tate aged 7, Harriet Tate aged 5 and Sarah Tate aged 1
William Taylor aged 28, with Elizabeth Taylor aged 29, Christian Taylor aged 8, Elizabeth Taylor aged 6 and Mary Taylor aged 0
Elizabeth Taylor aged 24, Jane Temple aged 22
Archibald Turner aged 28, with Harriet Turner aged 32, Mary Turner aged 11 and Martha Turner aged 10
David Walton aged 24, with Margt Walton aged 27, Anne Walton aged 3 and Margt Walton aged 1
James Watkins aged 28, with Mary Watkins aged 30
Ellen Webster aged 33, Janet Wedden aged 27
Joseph Wheatcroft aged 42, with Anne Wheatcroft aged 42, John Wheatcroft aged 18, Elizabeth Wheatcroft aged 15, Thomas H Wheatcroft aged 14 and Amelia Wheatcroft aged 7
Jane White aged 17
Alexr Whiteford aged 31, with Agnes Whiteford aged 29 and Jessie Whiteford aged 1
Andrew Wilson aged 44, with Margt Wilson aged 40, Margaret Wilson aged 20
Elizabeth Wilson aged 17, Paul Wilson aged 15, John Wilson aged 13, Anne Wilson aged 11 and Isabella Wilson aged 5
Alexr Wilson aged 31, with Anne Wilson aged 27, Mary Wilson aged 2 and Jessie Wilson aged 1
George Winter aged 25, with Margt Winter aged 24
John Wright aged 30 with Jane Wright aged 30, Peter Wright aged 4 and Agnes Wright aged 2
Elizh Yeoman aged 18,

James ANDISON 20 year old (son of James & Jean below) and his wife Isabella OLIVER had emigrated in 1854 on the "Indian Ocean" and their daughter Hellen died on the voyage out. Andison notes.
James ANDISON 1801-1882 & Jean JACKSON 1801-1883 Roxburgh, Scotland & Sandford, S-W Victoria, Australia. James ANDISON was born in 1801 at Castleton, Roxburgh, Scotland, son of John ANDISON and Betsy SCOTT (John’s second wife. John had a total of 9 children from the two marriages. At least three of his siblings emigrated to Canada). James ANDISON was married to Jean JACKSON, born 1801, Castleton, Roxburgh, Sct, daughter of Simon JACKSON and Jean ELLIOTT.
James (Senior) & Jean ANDISON and some of their children appear to have emigrated to Victoria on the "White Star", arriving in 1857 and settling at Sandford in South-West Victoria where two of their sons, Simon & James were already living.

George BALDEY and Elizabeth THOMSON married at St Cuthbert's Edinburgh on April 7, 1854. George was born in St Andrews, christened there on Nov 23 1828, son of James BALDEY and Margaret KYDD. George and Elizabeth came to Australia aboard the ship Indian Ocean - their son James was born at sea on September 4, 1854. They had five known children altogether - James, plus four born in Australia. Who were Elizabeth THOMSON's parents, for the following reason: George BALDIE was the chief witness at the inquest of David THOMSON in Victoria (Aus) in 1879. Poor David was run over by a dray in the You Yangs mountain range and later died of his injuries. George was with him at the time, and at the inquest said he had known David for 40 years. As David was only 45 when he died, this seems to indicate a family or childhood relationship, and I wonder if Elizabeth THOMSON was related to David THOMSON, or maybe there was some other connection? David was my husband's great-great-grandfather, married to Mary Ann ANNAL in St Andrews in 1855. His parents were James THOMSON and Annie Bell GOVAN.
Elizabeth died in 1907 in Victoria, Aus. Her age at death indicates she was born about 1831. On the death entry her father is named as THOMSON Unknown and her mother Unknown which isn't very helpful. Elizabeth and George's children were named James, Agnes, Margaret Kidd, Elizabeth Thomson and George. From Ancestry letter.

Mr. William Cathels, aged 85, passed away at Portland on Friday last. The deceased was a member of one of the oldest families in the town. Born at Perth, Scotland, he came to Portland at the age of 5 years, in the "Indian Ocean," with three hundred passengers on board. The vessel was brought into quarantine at Blacknose Point, owing to sickness on board, and a number were buried at that place. He landed at Portland on October 4th, 1854. He was first employed by Mr. Wm. McKay at the local bark mills, and later by the Hobson's Bay Railway Company and at Fullon's Foundry. He also served a term of 40 years' service at the Tyne Foundry on the Yarra.
He leaves two brothers, (Messrs. Colin and Stewart Cathels) and a sister (Miss Cathels), all well known residents of Portland. The funeral took place on Friday at the South Portland cemetery, Rev. W. H. McMeekin, of Scots Church, off- ciating at the graveside. The mor- tuary arrangemnents were carried out by Mr. T. C. Jarrett.

William Diwell b. 1825, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, England, son of Richard DIWELL and Elizabeth SINNOCK, , was married in 1847 in London to Margaret Ann TURNER, daughter of Thomas TURNER & Maria ___.

Thomas JEFFREYS 1829-1903 & Mary Ann GOMERY 1829-1897 Liverpool, Lancashire, England & Casterton, Australia
Thomas JEFFREYS was born in 1829 in Liverpool, Lancashire, son of Robert JEFFREYS and Anne WILLIAMS. In 1850 at Liverpool he married Mary Anne GOMERY, born 1829, Liverpool, Lancashire, the daughter of Samuel GOMERY and Frances "Fanny" LAMBERT. In 1854 this couple along with their two young children, Robert and Ellen emigrated on the ship "Indian Ocean" and arrived at Portland, Victoria on 6 Oct 1854. Additional children were born at Portland in the 1850s before they moved to Casterton in the 1860s where their last three children were born.

William Robb aged 24, with Isabella Robb - Portland Guardian (Vic. : 1876 - 1953) Monday 14 November 1927
PASSING OF THE PIONEERS. x Still another old pioneer, in the person of Mrs. C. Robb, has passed on.. Her death occurred on Tuesday at her residence,. Hurd Street. She was a native of Polmont, near Falkirk (Scotland), and landed at Portland by the ship Indian Ocean in 1854, residing here for 73 years, during 65 of which she occupied the same house. ' Her husband was a stone mason by trade, and carried out the construction of the Union Bank, Brit annia House, and the Cape Nelson lighthouse. His workmanship was renowned, and bore the stamp of a master hand. He predeceased his wife 22 years ago. Their first child was born at sea, off the island Tristan da Cunha, one of a group of British possessions in the Atlantic Ocean. The late lady, who was respected in all circles leaves a family of three sons and four daughters-Andrew (Hamilton), .John (Adelaide), Charles (Portland), Mary (Mrs. R. G. Brown, Chelsea), Mrsi. J. Ivey, (Brunswick), Mrs. P. Brown (Mal vern). Two daughters died in in fancy. Also remaining are 23 grand children, 29 great grand-children, and a great-great-grand-child. She was aged 96 years.

THOMAS SWINTON - Family chart, (b: c1827) m: 1851, June 6 w: Edinburgh, Scotland d: 1897 w: Mortlake, Victoria, Australia
Elizabeth McPHERSON (b: c1826) d: 1912 w: Mortlake, Victoria, Australia NOTE: They emigrated to Australia with his brother William and his wife Ann Page in 1854 onboard the ship ‘Indian Ocean’.

David Walton notes

Andrew WILSON (1804-1857), his wife Margaret Colston 1810 - 1879 who were married in Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland, and children emigrated to Australia on the ship "Indian Ocean", Andrew Wilson 44, Margaret 40, Margaret 20, Elizabeth 17, Paul 15, John 13, Anne 11, Isabella 5 arriving in Portland on 6th Oct 1854.
Paul Wilson 1839 - wed Mary Ann Cassidy from Ireland, John Grant Wilson 1841- wed 1862 to Ann Benson, Ann Skinner Wilson 1843
Family Tree and Andrew Wilson lived at 9 Tyers St, Portland 1855-6
Signed Women's petition - Annie Skinner BREWSTER, mother of Letitia and Margaret. Annie was the daughter of Andrew WILSON and Margaret COLSTON. This family was from Dalkeith in MLN Scotland. Annie married David BREWSTER in 1868. David was killed in a tragic diving accident at Portland in 1890. Afterwards Annie and her daughters ran a boarding house in Henty St Portland. Annie died 1 June 1927 and is buried in the Portland South Cemetery.

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