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Came to Port Phillip in 1833

This link goes to the search page for Unassisted Immigration to Victoria. Find the Countess Of Yarborough Dec 1853.
Other details of life in Port Phillip are being sought

They came by the Countess Of Yarborough 26 Dec 1853

Vessel 25408, the barque, 367 ton Countess Of Yarborough, Captain John Bennett, arrived at Melbourne Mon 26 Dec 1853, from London 11 July and then visited the Cape, with 105 named souls (4 Crew, 14 Cabin and 87 steerage passengers - 12 single women including grandmother Margaret Gallagher aged 50, 8 families with 12 chn, and 56 single men)
Llords Shipping 1853 page , Vessel C 751, owned by J Bennet, reports she was built at Hull in 1846, of 349 tons, with AI registration for soundness.
The Argus newspaper reported 2 deaths, a child and a young woman, Rebecca Pell

Cabin passengers appear to be - Mrs Susanna Carpenter 42 with William Carpenter 4,

From a friend on Monday, 9 July 2012
Hi Elizabeth. One of my ancestors arrived in Australia on the Countess of Yarborough in December 1853. Her name is Mrs Susanna Carpenter. I found your details online. The ship left England early July 1853 and we're wondering why it took over 5 months to reach Australia. Do you have any ideas?
Thanks, Mark
Thankyou. First using Lloyds Shipping Registers, I found the Countess of Yarborough was configured as a barque, and only 367 tons.
Second - she had a Stop at the Cape of Good Hope, possibly waiting for passengers and the favourable winds of Nov-Dec.

Cabin passengers include - Mrs Sophia Simpson 30 with Sophia Simpson 9,
Mrs Vincent with Francis Robin Vincent 29 (born c1822), W Wilson 29 and Mrs Wilson 19,

From on Wednesday, 18 May 2016
Thanks for your web page on the Countess of Yarborough.
One of our family members travelled on her, and you can read about her here: Ann Wilson nee Green
Keep well, Steve Hayes
He records:- Margaret Agnes Ann Green (known as Agnes) would have been about 11 when her father was transferred to the Cape Colony from Canada. She was born in Nova Scotia, where her father, William Green, was in the commissariat department of the British Army, and her mother, Margaret Gray, died when she was about 9 or 10.
She married William Wilson, presumably at the Cape, when she was about 15 or 16, and went with him to Australia in about 1853 on the Countess of Yarborough. Their first child was born at Sydney early in 1854. They moved to Moruya, about 300 km south of Sydney, soon afterwards, and her husband was storekeeper on the Kiora Estate. He was drowned in the Tuross River in April 1856, leaving her a widow at the age of 20 with two young children, one aged 2 years and the other 8 months.
Thankyou. This explains why she spent time at Cape Town, South Africa, as I had surmised.

Cabin passengers include - Francois Amoretty 32, John Casey 19, James Gaunson 40, Mr Lethbridge -, Constantine Phipps 25, J Henry Weldon 28,

From Australian Dictionary of BiographyJohn Randal Carey (1834-1923), businessman and newspaper proprietor, was born on 14 April 1834 at Cork, Ireland, son of John Westropp Carey, of the Connaught Rangers, and his wife Margaret, née McCarthy. Educated at Hamblin's College, Cork, he worked for a merchant before leaving for the Australian goldfields. He reached Victoria in the Countess of Yarborough in December 1853 and tried his luck on the diggings before setting up as a general agent and auctioneer as partner in Richards & Carey at Castlemaine.
About 1862 he followed the goldseekers to New Zealand and joined Arthur William Gilles as general agents, auctioneers and importers of stock from the Australian colonies; they soon established branches at Invercargill, Hokitika and Auckland. From April 1869 Carey was captain of the Auckland Troop of the Royal Cavalry Volunteers; he probably fought in the Maori wars.
On 14 June 1873 at St John's College, Auckland, he married Mary Taylor; that year he and Gilles moved their business to Sydney. He died 9 June 1923 at Milsons Point, Sydney, New South Wales,

Cabin passengers include -
Families Margaret Gallagher 50 with
Denis Gallagher 32, Margaret Gallagher 33, John Gallagher 9, Mary Gallagher 7, Ann Gallagher 5, Eliza Gallagher 3, Margaret Gallagher 0,
Charles Martin 38, Mary Martin 32 (appears to be Mary Allum, wed at Brentford UK Sept 1849), Carolus Martin 2 (born in London, died 1862 #4657 sged 11 years), Caroline Martin 0, and 3 children born in Victoria
Mrs Susan Rowsell 46, Robert Rowsell 14, Susan Rowsell 12, William Rowsell 8,
William Sharland 38, Sabina Sharland 38,
William Veal 60, Ann Veal 60,

Single women -
Eliza Akerman 38, Emma Akerman 30, Jane Ascott 21, (Jane wed Benjamin Maw,)
Jane Frankpitt 26 wed 1854 #1236 to James Wing with one recorded son Thomas Henry registered 1862,
Margaret Gallagher 50, (died 1868 #8417 aged 68, dau of Margaret and William Orr of Dublin)
Mary Keily 19, Mary Mcintyre 42, Mrs Mills 30,
Mrs H Richardson 26,
Ellen Rowsell 24 and Emma Rowsell 18, came with mother Susan and siblings
Mary Trembath 40,

From Rootsweb, "Stretton Research" 2009, Mrs H Richardson came out on the Countess of Yarborough as an Unassisted Passenger (possibly her husband James RICHARDSON came beforehand and paid her passage?). Harriet Richardson nee May died 17 May 1858 #3160 aged 30, at Melbourne, Australia, parents not listed. On the shipping list it says she came from Middlesex, and on her death certificate it says she was married at All Souls - but does not identify which parrish. The FreeBMD does not have a marriage of Harriet May.
'Harriet RICHARDSON nee MAY died on the 17 Apr 1858 at Melbourne, Australia. On the shipping list it says she came from Middlesex, and on her death certificate it says she was married at All Souls.
1841 England Census Name: Harriet May Age: 14, Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827 Gender: Female Where born: Middlesex, England Civil Parish: St James Hundred: Westminster County/Island: Middlesex Country: England
Street address: Little Windmill Street
Registration district: St James Westminster, Sub registration district: Golden Square, Household Members:
John Corbett 25 (occupation Tailor - born Ireland) and Harriet May 14, Occupation: F S (female Servant)
English 1851 Census in London. They were James RICHARDSON, Harriet and Arthur May. Arthur May RICHARDSON'S birth certificate was then purchased. He was born on the 13 Jan 1851 at 18 Norfolk Street, Parklane, London, England. His mother was Harriet nee MAY and from the census found that she came from Homerton, London.
Harriet RICHARDSON nee MAY arrived in Melbourne, Australia, on the ship 'COUNTESS OF YARBOROUGH' in December 1853. I don't believe she had any more children and it appears she was in and out of hospital before she died (see above). She died of Exhaustion from Bed Sores Caused by Paralysis.
Her husband may have came to Melbourne the previous year, one of many James RICHARDSON'S on the shipping lists.
James RICHARDSON remarried (in Melbourne) the year after his first wife's death and had 2 children ( born in Melbourne ). The family then moved to New Zealand, where many of the descendants now reside.
The Shannon headstone in New Zealand includes.
STTMO Jessie Ann beloved wife of Arthur May RICHARDSON who departed this life 4 January 1903 aged 52 years. We shall find our missing loved one in our fathers mansion fair.
Arthur May RICHARDSON on his second marriage, he married Margaret Lavinia CAMPBELL in 1904 at Palmerston North. The had four children :
William Frederick RICHARDSON, born 1904 at Palmerston North.
Arthur May RICHARDSON, born 1905 at Napier.
Dulcis Rose RICHARDSON, born 1907 at Napier.
Margaret Lavinia RICHARDSON, born 1909 at Waipawa.
Arthur May RICHARDSON ( senior ) was a publican at a hotel in Waipawa, where he died on the 7 Oct 1911. He was buried on the 11 Oct 1911 at Shannon. I would like to know what happened to his wife.
Where did his children go, and any information of their descent.
STTMO Arthur May RICHARDSON who departed this life 7 October 1911 aged 60 years. Unto thee our God and saviour we surrender all.

Single men -
Alfred Abbott 22, Thomas Armstrong 30, Thomas Badcock 17, Charles Baker 20, James Batten 33, John Chisholm 30,
Charles Claxton 30, did he wed 1855 #2208 to Elizabeth Maher, live at Sandhurst.
John Cuffley 52, Richard Davies 24, Edward Davis 35, James Davis 28, Thomas Davis 28, John Dee 40, Thomas Dunstane 42, ---- Dunstane 17, John Fleming 32, Richard Fosbery 34, Anthony Francis 25, Amoretty Francois 32, Joseph Grigg 22, William Hayden 38, William Higgins 28, Charles Hitchcock 21, Lewis Jacobe 28, Edward Kidner 19, William Kingstone 24, William Knox 22, W Lanyon 38, Jacobe Lewis 28, Simoens Luiz 20, Wm Hy Malcolm 26, Augustus Jas Malcolm 21, Thomas Nesbitt 29, Sammel Newland 35, Henry Noel 20,
Harrison Page 22, died 1854 #2388 aged 24, parents unknown, from England
Augustus Pittman 27, died at Rheola, 1887 #11617 aged 55
Joseph Plumridge 22, John Polgreen 27, George Porett 20, Henry Richards 37, Charles Ring 20,
Thomas Rowsell 20 came with mother Susan and siblings,
Thomas Scrowther 48, Edwd Sendey 32, John Sparling 32, William Thorn 27, ---- Timmins 32, Thomas Tomlyn/Tomlin 33, Robert Wallace 24, L H Welb 21, Richard Welb 20, Uriah West 32, Augustus White 20, George Wilson 25, E Wm Worrell 29, Francis Worrell 24,


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