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The march of Civilisation
Ship Asia came 1856 to Adelaide
Arrivals in 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1848, 1849,


arrived on Weds 20 August 1856 at Port Adelaide from from Southampton May 21, Land's End May 22, 912 tons, S. T. Loutit, master, a voyage of 87 days. Nothing occurred during the voyage worthy of note. Spoke 23 July to the 'Princess Sophia' from Rottendam bound for Batavia; on 6 July in Lat 27' S long 20' W to the Dutch barque Verina from Amsterdam bound for Batavia; 22 June lat 18' 36" S long 32' 18" W to the Dutch barque Casanapus from Rotterdam bound for Batavia.

Elder, Stirling, and Co., agents. Passenger — Dr. W. H. Pearce, Surgeon-Superintendent, in the cabin. Government emigrants : 212 adults - 22 single women, 72 single man including George Ladhams, 14 married couples, and 45 families with 116 children, 14 with 1 ch, including John, Ann, and Mary Ann Ladhams, and 12 with 2 chn, 8 with 3, 5 with 4, 3 with 5, 2 with 6 and Charles and Lydia Masden who appear to have 7 chn, named Hannah, William, John, Janetson, Markes, Joseph, and Isabella

The Listed names

James Allard,
George Allen,
Stephen Allen,
Thomas Appleby,
William Appleyard,
William, Atack with Mary Atack, and Teresa Atack,
John Baldock with Philadelphia Baldock,
John Baldock,
Philip Baldock,
William Baldock,
Thomas Barker,
John Baylis with Betsy Baylis, and Thomas Baylis,
Miss Mary Bird,
James Birtles with Jane Birtles, Davis Birtles and Edith Birtles,
Richard Birum with Rebecca Birum, Benjamin Birum, Mary Birum, Hannah Birum and James Birum,
Miss Elizabeth Birum,
Benjamin Brooker,
William Brooker,
Robert Brown,
John H. Burgess,
John Burnley with Mary Burnley, Isaac Burnley, Arthur Burnley and Eliza Burnley,
Robert Burridge with Francis Burridge, and Sophia Burridge,
Miss Ann Burridge,
Francis Burridge,
Charles Burton with Jane Burton, Peter Burton and George Burton,
George Butcher with Esther Butcher,
Miss Isabella Calley,
John Capin,
Charles Cook,
James Cornoch with Hannah Cornoch, Rufus Cornoch and Ellen Cornoch,
Jas. Coteil,
Matthew Cox,
Miss Emma Davies,
Richard Davis,
John Daykin with Jane Daykin,
Miss Frances Dealy,
Miss Cath. Draper,
Miss Harriet Edwards,
William Emmett,
Evan Evans with Ellen Evans,
William Fardell,
Chas. Farley,
Charles Foid,
George Fox,
Thomas Frazier with Jessie Frazier,
Miss Martha Freak,
Charles Freake with Eleanor Freake, Arthur Freake, Mark Freake and Eli Freake,
Joseph Freake with Jane Freake, George Freake and Henry Freake,
Stephen Freake,
Francis Frisk,
Joseph Gates with Eliza Gates, Eliza Gates, Alfred Gates and Edward Gates,
Joseph Gates,
George Goodland,
John Goodriff,
John Hamblin,
Frederick Harradine with Emma Harradine, Charlotte Harradine and Adelaide Harradine,
Samuel Harradine with Sophia Harradine, Joseph Harradine, John Harradine and Henry Harradine,
George Harris,
Miss Mary A. Harris,
James Haworth with Betsy Haworth, Mary Haworth and John Haworth,
Edward Helchingham,
George Henderson,
Joseph Hepburn with Eliza Hepburn,
George Hill,
Peter Hollingsworth with Susan Hollingsworth, Joseph Hollingsworth, Eliza Hollingsworth, Manasseh Hollingsworth and Samuel Hollingsworth,
William Holmes with Martha Holmes, William Holmes, Ellen Holmes, Emma Holmes and Sarah Holmes,
Miss Ann Huggins,
Miss Ann Huscrofte,
Miss Eliza Inwood,
Miss Martha Inwood,
Thomas James with Harriet James, Ellen James, Edith James, John James, Harriet James, Fanny James and Alfred James,
Robert Jarvis with Eliza Jarvis,
Robert Jeffrey with Ann Jeffrey,
John Kean,
Daniel Kemp with Sophia Kemp,
John Kendle with Rachel Kendle, Rachel Kendle, Albert Kendle, Arthur Kendle and Jane Kendle,
John Ladhams with Ann Ladhams, and Mary Ann Ladhams,
George Ladhams,
George Lennis with Sophia Lennis, Emily Lennis and George Lennis,
John Lewis,
Miss Jane Louisdale,
Benjamin Lum with Jane Lum, and James Lum,
James Lumbus with Ellen Lumbus, and Edgar Lumbus,
Kezia Lumbus with James Lumbus, and Christina Lumbus,
James Lynch,
James Mann,
Charles Masden with Lydia Masden, Hannah Masden, William Masden, John Masden, Janetson Masden, Markes, Masden, Joseph Masden and Isabella Masden,
Francis Mathews with Johanna Mathews,
James Melbourne,
Jacob Mellor,
Andrew Miller,
Henry Moore,
John Moore,
Thomas Morgan,
Miss Sarah Mould,
James Nicholl with Mary Nicholl, James Nicholl and Emma Nicholl,
William Nicholl,
Miss Elizabeth Nicholls,
Francis Novel,
James O'Brien with Susan O'Brien, and Joseph O'Brien,
Michael Osborne,
Richard Owens with Mary Owens,
William Henry Pearce
William Phillips with Mary Ann Phillips, Hannah Phillips, Philip Phillips and Elizabeth Phillips,
William Phillips with Mary Phillips, Thomas Phillips, John Phillips and William Phillips,
Adam Plumber,
Henry Powell with Mary Powell, George Powell, Charles Powell and Mary Ann Powell,
George Price,
William Price,
Miss Mary Reardon,
James Richards with Sarah Richards, and Sarah Richards,
Joseph Richardson with Ann Richardson, Thomas Richardson and Joseph Richardson,
Miss Eliza Richardson,
Wm. Riches with Isabella Riches, and Reuben Riches,
John Roberts with Ann Roberts, and John Roberts,
Richard Roberts with Ruth Roberts, Ann Roberts, Jane Roberts, Ruth Roberts, John Roberts and Mary Roberts,
Miss Eliza Roberts,
William Rooke,
Joseph Saxty with Jane Saxty, Ann Saxty and Mary Jane Saxty,
William Seel,
Joseph Sellick with Mary Sellick, and Mary Sellick,
Amnon Sergeant,
Noah Shrewe with Susan Shrewe, Susan Shrewe, Rebecca Shrewe, Anne Shrewe, Emma Shrewe and Fred J. Shrewe,
Noah Shrewe,
William Simpson,
Moses Simson,
Joseph Slade with Mary Slade, Simpson Slade, Charles Slade, Jane Slade, Anne Slade, Harriet Slade and Henry Slade,
William Smith with Jane Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Ann Smith,
James Stafford with Sophia Stafford, and Georgia Stafford,
Leeson Staples with Elizabeth Staples,
Lewis Stone,
William Stow with Rebecca Stow, and James Stow,
Henry Stow,
George Taylor with Ellen Taylor, Sophia Taylor, John Taylor, George Taylor, Alfred Taylor and Ann Taylor,
Miss Ellen Taylor,
Joseph Trumper,
Jesse Turner,
William Vile,
John Walker with Jean Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Agnes Walker, Matthew Walker and John Walker,
Henry Watt,
Miss Fanny Whale,
William Wheatly,
David Whitbv with Charlotte Whitbv,
Charles Whitby,
Daniel Whitby,
Jacob Whitby,
Jonathan Wilkinson with Ann Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Ralph Wilkinson and Charlotte Wilkinson,
Thomas Wilson,
Miss Cath. Woodhams,
Frederick Woodhouse,
Henry Woodhouse,
George Woodland with Jane Woodland, Alvino Woodland and Henry Woodland,
Henry Woodland with Eliza Woodland,
Peter Worseldine,

Original - as found in the South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Thursday 21 August 1856, Page 2

Same day—The ship Eliza, 912 tons, S. T. Loutit, master, from Southampton May 21, Land's End May 22. Elder, Stirling, and Co., agents. Passenger—Dr. W. H. Pearce, Surgeon-Superintendent, in the cabin. Government emigrants : Kezia, James, and Christina Lumbus, Benjamin, Jane, and James Lum, James, Mary, James and Emma Nicholl, Richard and Mary Owens, William, Mary Ann, Hannah, Philip, and Elizabeth Phillips, William, Mary, Thomas, John, and William Phillips, James, Sarah, and Sarah Richards, Joseph, Ann, Thomas, and Joseph Richardson, Wm., Isabella, and Reuben Riches, Richard, Ruth, Ann, Jane, Ruth, John, and Mary Roberts, Joseph, Jane, Ann, and Mary Jane Saxty, Joseph, Mary, and Mary Sellick, Noah, Susan, Susan, Rebecca, Anne, Emma, and Fred J. Shrewe, Joseph, Mary, Simpson, Charles, Jane, Anne, Harriet, and Henry Slade, James, Sophia, and Georgia Stafford, David and Charlotte Whitbv, Jonathan, Ann, John, Ralph, and Charlotte Wilkinson, Henry and Eliza Woodland, Geo., Jane, Alvino, and Henry Woodland, Thomas Appleby, Benjamin and William Brooker, John H. Burgess, Jas. Coteil, William Emmett, William Fardell, Chas. Farley, Francis Frisk, Charles Foid, Stephen Freake, Joseph Gates, George Goodland, John Goodriff, John Hamblin, George Harris, George Henderson, George Hill, John Kean, John Lewis, James Lynch, Jacob Mellor, Andrew Miller,John Moore, Thomas Morgan, William Nicholl, Adam Plumber, George and William Price, William Seel, Amnon Sergeant, Noah Shrewe, Henry Stow, Moses Simson, Joseph Trumper, Jesse Turner, William Vile, Henry Watt, James Melbourne, William Wheatly, Henry and Frederick Woodhouse, Ann Huggins, Elizabeth Birum, Mary Bird, Isabella Calley, Emma Davies, Cath. Draper, Harriet Edwards, Martha Freak, Mary A. Harris, Ann Huscrofte, Sarah Mould, Elizabeth Nicholls, Eliza Richardson, Eliza Roberts, Fanny Whale, Cath. Woodhams, Philip Baldock, Frances Dealy, Eliza and Martha Inwood, Francis Novel, Mary Reardon, Ellen Taylor, William Appleyard, John and William Baldock, Thomas Barker, Robert Brown, John Capin, Matthew Cox, Henry Moore, William Rooke, William Simpson, Daniel, Charles and Jacob Whitby, Thomas Wilson, Peter Worseldine, John and Philadelphia Baldock, John, Betsy, and Thomas Baylis, George, Sophia, Emily, and George Lennis, Frederick, Emma, Charlotte, and Adelaide, Harradine, James, Betsy, Mary, and John Haworth, Robert and Eliza Jarvis, Charles, Lydia, Hannah, William, John, Janetson, Markes, Joseph, and Isabella Masden, Francis and Johanna Mathews, James, Susan, and Joseph O'Brien, John, Ann, and John Roberts, Leeson and Elizabeth Staples, William, Rebecca, and James Stow, George, Ellen, Sophia, John, Geo., Alfred, and Ann Taylor, Thomas and Jessie Frazier, William, Jane, Elizabeth, and Ann Smith, John, Jean, Elizabeth, Agnes, Matthew, and John Walker, William, Mary, and Teresa Atack, Richard, Rebecca, Benjamin, Mary, Han- nah, and James Biram, James, Jane, Davis, and Edith Birtles, John, Mary, Isaac, Arthur, and Eliza Burnley, Charles, Jane, Peter, and George Burton, George and Esther Butcher, James, Hannah, Rufus, and Ellen Cornoch, John and Jane Daykin, Evan and Ellen Evans, Charles, Eleanor, Arthur, Mark, and Eli Freake, Joseph, Jane, George, and Henry Freake, Joseph, Eliza, Eliza, Alfred, and Edward Gates, Samuel, Sophia, Joseph, John and Henry Harradine, Joseph and Eliza Hepburn, Peter Susan, Joseph, Eliza, Manasseh and Samuel Hollingsworth, William, Martha, William, Ellen, Emma, and Sarah Holmes, Thomas, Harriet, Ellen, Edith, John Harriet, Fanny, and Alfred James, Robert and Ann Jeffrey, Daniel and Sophia Kemp, John, Rachel, Rachel Albert, Arthur, and Jane Kendle, James, Ellen, and Edgar Lumbus, Robert, Francis, and Sophia Burridge, John, Ann, and Mary Ann Ladhams, Henry, Mary George, Charles, and Mary Ann Powell, James Allard, Stephen and George Allen, Charles Cook, Richard Davis, George Fox, Edward Helchingham, George Ladhams, James Mann, Michael Osborne, Lewis Stone, Ann and Francis Burridge, Jane Louisdale, and William Henry Pearce.

Thursday 21 August 1856 - Cargo of the Eliza, from Southampton
7 pkgs, Macgeorge; 9 cases sherry wine, MacDermott, Dutton, and Co.; 2 wheels, Liptrop; 3 cases, A. Scott; 7 do, Macgeorge ; 5 do. Elder, Stirling, and Co. ; 9 do, C. Gooch, 19 half-hhds. vinegar, Martin and Sach; 1/4 casks ham, 5 brls pork. G. P. Harris ; 200 bdls. wire, 11 casks, 21 moulds, 1,238 pieces and bdis. iron, J. Gurr; 53 pkgs C. Gooch ; 5 bhds. gin, J. H. Kaines ; 1 cask horsehair Armour ; 30 cases cheese, J. Robin ; 1 box, Woodforde 4 eases, Blyth Brothers ; 1 hhds, qqr.-casks, H. Aylwin 36 cases, J. Uobin ; 10 bales, F. J. Beck and Co. ; 6 pkgs Macgeorge; 2 cases, A. Abrahams; 2 do. Hart an Hughes; 6 trunks, T. Johnson; 5 cases, 5 bales, 1 crate C. Draper ; 60 casks whiting, Elder, Stirling, and Co 1 box seeds, Bathurst ; 19 bales, 15 boxes, Elder, Stirlini and Co.; 270 pkgs, Hcnrinues; 24 pkgs, A. Scott ; S hhds, J. Stilling; 22 cases, A. Scott; 123 ends ash plank. 2 casks ironmongery. Armour.

Monday 25 August 1856
MISCELLANEOUS. The emigrant ship Eliza will most probably be detained at the Lightship anchorage for five or six days until the tides serve. As the vessel has passed the inspection of Dr. Duncan, any person who are desirous of bringing their friends ashore are at liberty to do so.

Thursday 28 August 1856
MISCELLANEOUS. The Eliza, emigrant ship, and the Malacca were towed up to the Port by the Young Australian steam-tug afternoon. During the squall on Tuesday night at the Port the lifeboat of the Lady Ann. somehow became jammed between, that vessel and the Company's Wharf, and in a few moments was crushed to pieces.

Saturday 4 October 1856
CLEARED OUT. Friday, October 3-The ship Eliza, 912 tons, S. T. Loutit, master, for Callao. In ballast.

Last mention of Eliza ready to sail was on 16 Oct

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